You have choices when it comes to aesthetic crowns

For any number of reasons, a tooth may become damaged to the point where it will need more than a filling.  Fortunately for families in La Verne, a cracked or a decayed tooth can be saved instead of being pulled out. Many times it can be fit with a dental crown.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over a tooth to restore it to its natural shape, size and strength.  There are many types of crowns, but when a natural look is a priority, an esthetic crown is a preferred choice.

A porcelain or a ceramic crown will combine the best possible natural look with the durability of a long lasting covering that will protect the remaining natural tooth.

There are two types of ceramic crowns that are used.

All full ceramic crowns are incredibly lifelike and are unmatched by any other type of restoration.  This is because the luster of a natural tooth is reflected when light penetrates theenamel and reflects back out.  A ceramic crown does the best job of mimicking this effect.

A porcelain-fused-to-metal crown (PFM) is made up of a metal shell that serves as the substructure of a trimmed tooth.  Think of it as the skeleton.  A porcelain crown is then fused over this skeleton to give the crown its natural look and color.  The problem with PFMs is that the metal substructure is usually darker and has problems reflecting the light back as easily as the porcelain.

This makes it more difficult to achieve the optimal look and feel of a natural tooth.  In addition, the metal substructure of the PFM crown may start to show through when a patient’s gum begins to recede, creating a visible narrow metal band at the bottom of the tooth.

The big advantage with a PFM crown is that because of the metal substructure, this creates a stronger type of restoration.

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