The many benefits of braces

For people in La Verne and the surrounding communities, when they consider the notion of getting braces, the first thing they think about is how much better their smile will be.  There’s no denying that it’s an obvious benefit and will improve a person’s self-esteem.  This is especially true whether the patient is a student navigating through the social pressures of school, or an adult who is concerned about appearances in professional and social settings.

Aside from an improved physical appearance, there are also sound medical reasons to consider getting braces.

Straight teeth are easier to floss and brush.

When you’re able to do a better job at basic dental care, your teeth will last longer and save you pain and expense for years to come because you’ll have healthier teeth and gums with fewer cavities and periodontal disease.

Straight teeth will allow you to bite and chew better.

Being able to perform a basic eating function well also contributes to a healthier mouth, teeth and gums.  When teeth are not aligned, problems with eating can result in possible digestion or nutrition issues or even cause pain while eating.  In addition, when teeth are better aligned, you’ll be able to speak better.  In children, braces are also sometimes used to help them overcome the habits of sucking a thumb or a pacifier.

Straight teeth can help to reduce or eliminate grinding and wear.

A bad bite can lead to problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) resulting in several health-related issues, up to and including back or neck pain and ongoing headaches.  This is because, generally, the lower jaw is positioned too far back in the mouth, causing blood vessels and nerves of the TMJ to become compressed.  Initial therapy uses a splint to move the jaw forward and then the patient’s teeth and jaw are stabilized with braces into the new position.

Straight teeth are stronger teeth.

Misaligned teeth can be more prone to injury or damage if they stick out.  Straight teeth form a singular and solid bond and make for an overall stronger presentation of your mouth.

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