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Very efficient and friendly. Thank you

– Sophia Bogner

Appreciate information on sensitive teeth care. Look forward to trying new products that will help sensitive teeth cleaning and maintenance.

– Janine / Jason Williams

Great Doctor, Great staff. Love the service.

– Gautam Shah

Excellent Service From All of the Staff.

I’ve been coming here for 10+ years (and my husband) and also referred a friend for her braces.
The Dr. is wonderful, patient, very kind, and has a smile and laugh that is addictive.

All of the staff are the most wonderul to work with. From insurance mess-ups to a quick hello here and there. I had my braces done, bridgework, root cnals and so much more. I highly recommend Inland Dental Group to any dental issue that may arise.

– Mrs. D. Edwards

I have been going to Inland Dental Group for over 10 years and I wouldn’t think of using anyone else.

First and foremost, I trust them to give me honest advice concerning my care and treatment.
I believe they have taken my well-being into consideration always. Also, the staff is always friendly and courteous.

The hygienists that I have had the pleasure of knowing have always been thorough and very concerned about my dental needs.

These are a few of the many reasons why I will always be a patient at Inland Dental Group.
– David Bauer

This group has been very well to us. We had tried to look for a different dental group, but we have come back because of the good service. Wish you guys were closer to Lake Elsinore, but this will do.

Keep the good work going. Thank you.

– Rosales Family

I used to hate the dentist till I came to Inland Dental Group! Now it’s been great for over 7 years.
– Daniel Isley

My kids love coming and Dr. & staff are always smiling, very helpful and friendly! You guys are the best!

Aliza Lujano

My family and I have been coming here for a few years. My kids love it here. The staff is friendly and great people, also the staff is very helpful when we have questions about our treatments. They are quick to help us make our appointments. We just want to say Thanks Inland Dental Group for the great experience we have had here.

-Roberts Family

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. (From Henry Ward Beecher)

Best Dental Office, Best Dentist.
Dr. is Honest, he does not rip you off, and he is very professional. The staff is very friendly.
I highly recommend Inland Dental Group. They are the Best!

– A. Hurtado

To Whom It May Concern,

My experience at Inland Dental Group was outstanding. I had a crown prepared and delivered in about two hours. I did not have to wear a temporary and return for a future appointment, The work was performed in an excellent manner and I was very satisfied with the result. I would recommend this procedure to anyone.

– R. Dills

I would rate the overall visit Excellent. I was greeted properly and my financial options were explained to me. Everyone there was so patient with me! Thank you all again I would recommend my friends & family to Inland Dental Group.

– Josephone Stamatis

I am very happy coming to Inland Dental Group everyone always treats me nice
and with a smile. When I was there last to get my teeth cleaned Mitra is always very gentle with me she actually makes me enjoy getting my teeth cleaned. I plan on coming here as long as I can I am completely satisfied with the service. Also, Dr. Fountain examined my teeth and he was very friendly & polite.

– Cherie McMinn

Our whole family goes to Inland Dental Group, and we are 100% happy with everything they do. Mitra is the best…and the no.1 reason we go there. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

– Eugene

Ortho Patient:

1. How would you rate your overall visit? EXCELLENT
2. When your
appointment was over did you have a good understanding of your dental
situation? YES
3, Did our team greet you properly? YES

I have to say that everyone at Inland Dental has been courteous and
kind. Even though I am doing ortho. with Dr. Yu, I am thinking of changing
for my regular dental appointments also. It’s the ONLY dental office I
have actually enjoyed going to!

– Judy Petrie

I would recommend Inland Dental Group to all family & friends.

– A. Ortell

I moved out of the area 11 years ago, and tried several other dentists in
my area….not happy. Inland Dental Group is worth the drive, regardless how far you
live. I would refer friends & family to this office.

– K. Nelson

I would rate Inland Dental Group excellent. Having 2 children, your
staff always accommodates an appointment for myself and the kids to be
seen on the same day and time. Thank you!

– Z. Sanchez

One of the most fascinating experiences I have ever had being at a
dentist. I have had four previous crowns. Two of which were bad
experiences. This was truly amazing. Once the Doctor finished drilling my
tooth, he allowed me to take the porcelain block for my new crown and put
it into the machine that would have carve this into an exact duplicate of
my tooth. Gone are the nasty plastic impressions. Gone are the days of the
temporary crowns. Gone are the days of filling the crown, hoping the lab
did not make any mistakes and then the assuring into your head. In 71.2
minutes the machine carved my new crown and it was done. No more porcelain
on top of gold, just straight porcelain. After it was polished and the fit
check complete. It was glued onto my tooth. What should have taken a
couple days, if weeks to do, took less than an hour and a half.

C. Alderson

I was greeted properly by the front desk. The dental
hygienist I had for my
teeth cleaning was awesome! (I believe her name was Leann) I will
definitely come back for my nest appointment with her.

– M.