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Dental Braces in La Verne, CA

About Braces in La Verne, California

At Inland Dental Group, our orthodontist can help you to determine the best possible choice of braces for your oral health situation. We offer several different types of braces in our California dental office, including traditional metal braces, Radiance porcelain bracket braces, and Invisalign. During an initial dental examination, we can evaluate your teeth and gum health and provide a professional opinion on the best option for your case and your oral health.

About Traditional Metal Braces

These braces are used to correct crooked or crowded teeth, incorrect bites, or jaw problems. Metal braces can correct the vast majority of those cases. These metal braces are attached/bonded to the teeth and connected with wires. They require regular tightening sessions so that the pressure gradually straightens the teeth and aligns the bite better. The amount of time that a patient will wear these braces depends on their current teeth condition, age, skeletal construction, gender, and final goal. Generally, they are worn from one to three years.

About Radiance Porcelain Bracket Braces

Radiance porcelain bracket braces are used by our orthodontists to give a clear choice for a smile which doesn’t involve a lot of metal showing. These clear braces are used for patients of all ages, a great alternative to traditional metal braces. They are cut from one crystal of pure sapphire. Once this cutting is complete, the brackets are polished until they are smooth and clear, and best of all, ready to be worn. These radiance brackets are invisible, comfortable, stain-free, and strong. Many patients choose this braces type because they want minimal metal showing when they smile. Radiance gives confidence, so you don’t just wait until your treatment is complete to feel good about your smile; you can enjoy it during the entire process.

The Invisalign ® Process

Invisalign® is a custom-made appliance that is worn to shift the teeth into natural alignment slowly. This is done in an undetectable matter with an invisible option too. This process can take one to two years to get the teeth to their desired position comfortably. Invisalign trays are not noticeable on the teeth and are fully removable. This sets them apart from other types of braces. They are great for several types of malocclusion like over or under bites, gapped teeth, crowded teeth, and other dental issues but also have their limitations to complicated cases. Our orthodontist will do a thorough evaluation to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign.

Metal Braces
Metal Braces

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To learn more about braces in La Verne from a professional orthodontist, call Inland Dental Group to schedule an appointment. We will examine your teeth and gums during a routine dental examination to fully detect possible dental problems and to offer a professional opinion on the best type of braces for you. To schedule this appointment, call us today at 909-596-6551. We serve La Verne, San Dimas, Claremont, Pomona, and surrounding areas.